Cement and Lime

Air Control Techniques, P.C. has had a long-standing relationship with most of the major cement and lime companies operating in the U.S. Air Control Techniques, P.C. has also provided testing and consulting services to cement facilities in Canada, Europe, and South America.

Stack Testing

We have conducted stack tests at cement and lime plants in accordance with EPA reference methods to confirm compliance.
  • Method 23, dioxin-furans
  • Method 29, metals
  • Method 29. hydrogen cyanide
  • Method 26A, hydrogen chloride
  • Method 320, hydrogen chloride
  • Method 5, filterable particulate matter
  • Method 202, condensable particulate matter

Particulate Matter CEMS Certifications

We have developed an innovative technique to conduct PS11 Particulate Matter CEMS certifications without affecting the performance of the fabric filter or electrostatic precipitator.

Raw Material Thermal Analysis

We conduct raw material analyses to identify kiln additives that could contribute to emissions.
  • Dioxin-Furans
  • SO2
  • VOCs
  • CO
  • Ammonia

Dioxin-Furan Formation Suppression

We provide technical consulting services to help operators minimize dioxin-furan emissions by suppressing dominant formation mechanisms in kiln gas streams.

TDF and Alternative Fuels Evaluations

Air Control Techniques, P.C. has compiled comprehensive air emission data sets concerning the impact of TDF and other alternative fuels. Based on these data, we believe that TDF firing in cement kilns is an environmentally sound and beneficial recycling approach.