Fabric Filters

Air Control Techniques, P.C. provides consulting services to industrial clients to optimize the performance of a wide variety of fabric filters including pulse jet, plenum pulse, reverse air (conventional), reverse air positive pressure, and specialized high temperature units.
  • Premature bag failure
  • Cleaning-related seepage
  • Excessive static pressure drop
  • Corrosion and acid attack of filter media
  • Air infiltration
  • Compressed air leakage and compressed air quality
  • Abrasion damage of filter media
  • Inadequate filter media cleaning
  • Hopper discharge problems
  • Poppet and bypass damper erosion, sealing problems, and maladjustment
  • High temperature damage of the filter media
  • Compartment gas flow distribution

   Large Reverse Air Fabric Filter at a Utility Power Station

Air Control Techniques, P.C. has saved the operator of this fabric filter several million dollars by extending bag life and avoiding non-compliance penalties