Metallurgical Process

Air Control Techniques, P.C. has provided technical consulting and testing services to operators of metallurgical processes.

Stack Sampling

Gas streams in many metallurgical processes are at high temperature and/or contain fine particulate matter formed by nucleation from hot gas streams. Air Control Techniques, P.C. has conducted various emission test programs to help demonstrate compliance and to prepare design specifications for new air pollution control systems.
  • Method 201A, (adapted for high temperature) for PM2.5 and PM10
  • Method 202, condensable particulate matter
  • Method 29, metals
  • Method OTM 29, hydrogen cyanide
  • Method 26A, HCl and HF

Ventilation System Testing and Balancing

Ventilation system testing and balancing can be especially difficult in some types of metallurgical processes due to the high gas temperatures in hoods, large size ducts, elevated positions of long sections of ducts, and limited access due to process equipment. Air Control Techniques, P.C. can adapt conventional testing procedures for these conditions.

Diagnostic Testing

A wide variety of diagnostic testing methods are available to evaluate fabric filter and high energy wet scrubbing processes frequently used in metallurgical processes.