Stack Testing and Ambient Monitoring Quality Assurance

Air Control Techniques, P.C. provides quality assurance oversight services for stack tests and particulate matter-oriented ambient monitoring.

Stack Testing

We provide technical assistance in selecting the appropriate test methods, preparing or reviewing test program protocols, on-site monitoring of stack tests conducted by others, and review of the test results. We emphasize preventing mistakes and avoiding incorrect data. Bad data are often consequential and expensive data.

Air Control Techniques, P.C. personnel with between 25 to 40 years of field experience in stack testing provide stack testing quality assurance services.

Ambient Air Monitoring

Air Control Techniques, P.C. provides technical assistance to source operators in selecting the most appropriate and economical ambient monitor, in preparing pretest protocols and quality assurance procedure plans, in selecting appropriate sampling sites based on the program objectives and the EPA siting criteria, in training on-site sampler operators, in conducting independent quarterly audits, and in compiling and summarizing the data.